A day in the life.

Meet Adalyn!

2 weekends ago I had the pleasure of being the “official family photographer” for my brand new niece, my sister and my brother-in-law! Since we live out of town, the last time I saw her was only a few weeks after she was born. Even just the time between the day she was born and a few weeks later, she had already changed so much. Then fast forward to a 3 month old and I was blown away! When I met her this time, she actually looked at me with her beautiful baby blue eyes … I’m pretty sure my heart stopped and my insides went to mush. (Do all first time Aunt’s feel that?) I can only imagine how much she will change in the next year, and I cannot wait to take her baby doll beauty shots throughout it!

We took all of the photos on land that has been in our family for a few generations,  specifically at my Grandad’s house and the barns across the road at my Great Grandma’s house. It was nice (for me especially, not living here anymore) to be able to hang out and have some time deciding where to shoot the day before, remembering old stories at the pond, or when we would explore and get lost in the many levels and stairs in the many barns. Sometimes while exploring, or helping with hay, we would find a new batch of kittens scurrying around the hay bales and hiding from the little humans. No such luck this time. I’m excited for Addy to have these “in the boonies” experiences as she grows too.


…just waiting for the next bus…


Don’t you just wanna kiss those cheeks?!


Seriously? I just cannot even! Can I scoop her up through the computer screen?!  Josh says, “this one looks like it should be in Garden & Gun or Southern Living.” Maybe he’s just being a supportive husband. 😉


Just a baby in Grandad’s old suitcase. Nothing to see here.





The fun thing about practicing photography with your family … carting them all over the place to different spots … sometimes realizing a spot is just NOT gonna work. Then later looking at the “practice shot” at the spot where it wasn’t going to work and it’s actually fun!

(They were so patient with my wishy washy-ness.)

Outside of the old sauna and summer porch.

Doesn’t she look like a doll?


“Um. … … … …”


“What the heck just happened?!”

(We all laughed SO hard.)


Those blues. I think she got the whole bundle of DNA in one swoop!

Save some for the rest of us, kid!

Melt my heart. Me = Mush.

“Heeeey, Heeeey good lookin’. What’cha got cookin’. How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with meeeee?” (Like an Adalyn Signeeeee?)

All of us started to get more comfortable here and *BAM* my camera ran out of memory. Won’t do THAT again! This is why I need them for practice and this is why they will get a free photo ‘sesh whenever they want! Win/Win!

Love these shots. Love the red wash on them. Love the everything!

I hope you enjoyed these! If you are a photographer and can offer any advice or insight please give me some pointers. I’m all for constructive criticism and kudos are also nice too!

Can’t be better if I don’t know any better!




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