The fun of one word prompts.

Tempted to …

I’m tempted …

To drive with no destination. And come home when I want to.

To shop online and buy more than I can afford. (Clothes)

To shop online and buy more than I can afford. (Furniture and Deco)

To brake check the next a**hole that tailgates me while I’m going 10 mph over the speed limit. To slam into the next a**hole that runs a red light. And then drive away with my FU flag flying high.

To wish bad one car accidents upon bigger jerks on the road. But I’ll just wish blowout diarrhea in their pants instead.

To eat brownies and donuts and ice cream all in one sitting. If it wouldn’t make me feel like hurling.

Then eat a bag of Lays potato chips. But only if they have ridges.

To reserve a weekend away in Lake Placid, but it’s not in the budget.

To get a haircut and color. But DAMN, that budget.

To get another kitten or puppy. But we don’t have the room.

To ask why?

To confront. But I hate confrontation.

To have babies without planning and let the pieces fall where they may. But I have control so that would be irresponsible.

To get a new car. I don’t need one. Just want one. But my husband needs one first.

To not pay any of our bills and go rogue.

To not pay any of our bills, go rogue and live on a sailboat in Costa Rica.

To get that camera bag I’ve had my eyes on.

How many temptations do we fight every single day, I wonder. Mostly small – not getting that cupcake at the bakery or not flipping off the mom with a mini van full of kids that just whipped by you on the shoulder. But some are big and dreamy like leaving it all behind and running away with your husband to a small mountain town. That’s not realistic, but it sure is tempting!

All in all I think I’m doing a pretty good job, considering!








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