The fun of one word prompts.

All the Pretty Things

As I sit here at our kitchen table, I gaze at our almost completed renovation – all done by my husband and I, I might add – and I’m finally feeling comfortable in this space. “Comfort” in this aspect, means all things pleasing to my eye. It means clean lines and pretty spaces. It means flow and design. It means organization. It means colors where they should be. Or sometimes not where they should be, but placed in such a way that it works. It means the overall “feel” of a room. What story does it tell? Is it warm and cozy? Cool and breezy? Does it remind you of a place you love? Is is a cottage or a cabin feel? Is it beachy or leaning toward a house in a vineyard? Does it work into a farmhouse style? Or does it have a little farm and a little coastal influence rolled into one? Is it a place where all of your memories reside? Whether on a mantel in the form of photos or family pieces scattered throughout your house? Or something pretty or interesting you bought on a honeymoon or vacation? Is it mid-century modern or 1920’s flair? Does it take you to a place of serenity like an every day vacation? Or … does it make you feel mentally cluttered and anxious? I prefer everything but the latter.

As I say these things, it occurs to me that it may sound like I critique every space I walk in. I don’t. Unless it’s a place of business or my own home, unless asked, I’m neutral about the rest. It all comes down to personal preference and I believe that everyone has a different vision for what makes them feel good. Every single person has memories, things, designs or decor they have a special place for. I just happen to really like building a vision and enlisting my husband to help me act on it. Because I really like living in a space that makes me excited to come home. And you should too!

That being said …

I am a slave to aesthetics. And I love it.

Sitting here in my kitchen, looking at our progress, I see and feel warm and cozy from the new butcher block counters and the stained wood floating shelves – white plates, bowls and vases sit on them. I see that warmth followed into the almost navy lower cabinets. I see great lines in the white farm house sink, cabinets, open shelving and the ship-lap back splash. I see other parts of our home followed into the space behind the oven in it’s penny round tiles. Our kitchen table, a refurbished estate sale find, sits in the middle of the room on a beloved area rug with blues, greens and taupe’s over new dark cherry flooring. Stainless steel appliances help even out the warmth but not too much. I see a room I want to cook, bake, have chats with with my husband and be a host in. It makes me happy!

One of my youngster “I wanna grow up to be” moments was a career in Interior Design. My Aunt gave me a hardcover book called “Interior Design” one year to stimulate my young mind into learning more about it (she is quite savvy at design as well). Although it’s still in my life – it’s mostly used as my on-the-couch writing table.

Maybe I should open it up again.






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