The fun of one word prompts.

All the Pretty Things

As I sit here at our kitchen table, I gaze at our almost completed renovation – all done by my husband and I, I might add – and I’m finally feeling comfortable in this space. “Comfort” in this aspect, means all things pleasing to my eye. It means clean lines and pretty spaces. It means flow… Continue reading All the Pretty Things

The fun of one word prompts.

Tempted to …

I’m tempted … To drive with no destination. And come home when I want to. To shop online and buy more than I can afford. (Clothes) To shop online and buy more than I can afford. (Furniture and Deco) To brake check the next a**hole that tailgates me while I’m going 10 mph over the speed limit.… Continue reading Tempted to …

The fun of one word prompts.

The Mason-Dixon. A Line to Be Crossed.

I would cross the Mason-Dixon line in Maryland on Interstate 81 south coming from New York and think, “warm weather awaits”. Then I moved South. I would cross the Mason-Dixon line in Maryland on Interstate 81 north coming from North Carolina and think, “home awaits”. Then I moved back North. And it seems that I can’t wait… Continue reading The Mason-Dixon. A Line to Be Crossed.

A day in the life.

Meet Adalyn!

2 weekends ago I had the pleasure of being the “official family photographer” for my brand new niece, my sister and my brother-in-law! Since we live out of town, the last time I saw her was only a few weeks after she was born. Even just the time between the day she was born and… Continue reading Meet Adalyn!

A day in the life.

My Treasure. My Home.

It seems as though I have many places that I consider to be “Home”. But none will ever compare to this place. My real Home. The only one I’ve known since my first days on this planet. Winters at Grandma and Grandad’s pond. Ice skating. Sledding. Spring. Summer. Catching orange salamanders. Playing in the crick.… Continue reading My Treasure. My Home.

Weekend Warriors.

Weekend Warriors: Bathroom Reno!

Welcome to our renovation! I thought I’d give a bit of back story before I get to the good stuff. Because why not? This is the second home that we’ve bought and are working to transform.  Our previous home was in Richmond, Virginia – It was a solid 1950’s brick ranch that was DESPERATELY in need of updating.… Continue reading Weekend Warriors: Bathroom Reno!

Health is Wealth.

Primal Baby, Primal.

I took the plunge 2 weeks ago and bought something totally out of my comfort zone. As a general rule I’ve been trying to be more aware of the things I’m putting in and ON my body. It’s been an ongoing learning process, but one that I’m pretty proud of on a daily basis. A… Continue reading Primal Baby, Primal.