A day in the life.

Meet Adalyn!

2 weekends ago I had the pleasure of being the “official family photographer” for my brand new niece, my sister and my brother-in-law! Since we live out of town, the last time I saw her was only a few weeks after she was born. Even just the time between the day she was born and… Continue reading Meet Adalyn!

A day in the life.

My Treasure. My Home.

It seems as though I have many places that I consider to be “Home”. But none will ever compare to this place. My real Home. The only one I’ve known since my first days on this planet. Winters at Grandma and Grandad’s pond. Ice skating. Sledding. Spring. Summer. Catching orange salamanders. Playing in the crick.… Continue reading My Treasure. My Home.

A day in the life.

Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse. Dorothy Pietila: Grandma.

I cried today. I don’t cry too often. And I’m not talking “oh my gosh, those people are so in love and I’m so happy for them and now they’re having a baby and a puppy and the puppy is running after the Budweiser horse because he loves him, and now they’re BFF’s forever *tear*”.… Continue reading Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse. Dorothy Pietila: Grandma.


The Story of Angus and Avocado.

There once was this girl. She grew up in Upstate New York. In the country. On a small family farm. 30 minutes from everything “big”. But if they weren’t the next house down; she was only 10 minutes from everything and everybody that meant the most to her. Growing up she had many dreams. To… Continue reading The Story of Angus and Avocado.

A day in the life.

To Meg: SISU.

(photo from Richmond Times Dispatch) Honestly, I don’t know how to start. I’ve always been better at writing my true emotional feelings than speaking them out loud. Sometimes I have luck. Other times I feel like my short words will flit off into space after they leave my mouth; emotions never to truly be known… Continue reading To Meg: SISU.

A day in the life.

When I Run.

The greatly talked about Anthem Richmond Marathon is 3 days away! The city of Richmond shuts down for “America’s Friendliest Marathon”, and droves of people hang out on the roadsides to cheer on runners from all over the country and world. Last year was a record year, as we come 2 weeks after what was to… Continue reading When I Run.